I don’t know if I’m nearing that so called burn out stage, but I feel like I’m dangerously close. 

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"Darkness Becomes Light, Light Falls Into Darkness.Dreams are connected to each other.When you fall into a dreamYou are connected through dreams to “The world enclosed in sleep”. And if you open the “Keyhole of sleep” in that world…The world will be released…”—Yen Sid

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Practice, practice, practice.

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The Good Girl.

The Delinquent.

The Flirt.


Coming Soon

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Snow Sadness

is the worst kind. 

It accumulates in tufts,

and you’re never really sure you’re sad,

until it turns into a giant snowball,

and bowls you over.

Down, and out.

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20 Years Back

Sometimes we look at ourselves,

and see not ourselves,

but someone else. 

A stranger from a time passed,

A visitor from the future,

Or a twin from the present. 

Who am I today?

I wondered aloud. 

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Someone I know got rid of his feelings because he was overwhelmed by them.

Sometimes I want to take mine by the throat then strangle them, until their lips turn blue and I no longer feel anything except apathy - which is really feeling nothing at all. 

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I told the Fox to make me brave, so she took my heart and gave me hers to eat. 

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The sickness is catching

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You know the past still hurts you when just a tiny peek back leaves you bawling. 

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